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“Pass the Philippines CPA Board Exam"

Discover the secret strategies and techniques of our CPA Reviewers

Dear Future CPA,

If you like to become a CPA and want to know how to pass the board exam….you should continue reading this message. This message will be the most important message you will ever read as an aspiring Certified Public Accountant…

If you don’t want to become a CPA, you can leave or close the browser because our online program may not really be for you or NOT really FIT for you….

Here’s what this is all about…

Passing the CPA Board Exam is not really easy. You know that and no question about it. Just for your information, the average passing rate is at 25% only. That rate indicates that Philippine's CPA Board exam is really one of the toughest board examinations in the Philippines.

Passing the Board exam is already tough…

plus you need to exert effort to wake up early or stay early to attend your review classes physically

plus you will lost your valuable time due to heavy traffic going to the review center, then going back home tired and exhausted…

plus no guarantee if you can go back again on the next day because you are physically exhausted…

plus you can’t focus because you have other obligations like you are a working professional, family man or woman, or time doesn’t permit you…

Generally speaking, passing the Board exam to become a CPA, you will need to invest significant amount of money, time, & effort… But, what if there’s a better way to achieve that CPA Dream?


If you are dreaming to become a CPA someday, now is your chance to achieve that CPA Dream… Our CPA Online Review Program is for you… Let us give you three reasons why you should consider our CPA Online Review Program.

First, you can review at your comfort zone. It could be at your home, library, coffee shop, or anywhere at your convenience. You can even review in your Pajamas outfit. The point is, you can review in any place where you feel much comfortable so that you can have more time to understand every accounting concept being taught.

Second, you can maximize your time. When you review, time is your best ally at the same time it is your worst enemy. Time can become your best ally if you can avoid traffic and quickly get your review momentum. It is your best ally if you don’t worry on your time because you can manage at your own time and phase. You don’t want time be your worst enemy right?

Third, our reviewers are the main reason why you should consider our CPA Online Review School. The background of our reviewers are university professors, audit practitioner, tax practitioner, MAS practitioner, seasoned reviewers, international speaker, entrepreneur, and of course, CPAs.

You see, having these backgrounds can really equip you to pass the CPA Board Exam, why? Because those reviewers can help you understand the concepts by interpreting those concepts in a very practical fashion.

Last, you can save money. It’s a guarantee that our review fee is competitive enough and you don’t need to pay for other incidental costs like transportation, board and lodging, daily allowance, and if you are working, you may not need to file a 2-3 months leave because everything is online.

With these benefits, you should be excited to know the blueprint of our CPA Online Review School.

The blueprint is actually simple and the objective of our CPA Online Review School is…

To transfer knowledge based on our experience, how to do it, how to analyze things, and most important of all, how to pass the board exam efficiently and effectively…

Two things that you need to consider in our CPA Online Review Program is that you should have – an internet connection and laptop or smartphone. Better invest in these two things, instead of investing in unrecoverable expenses (such as transportation, boarding house, etc). You know, asset versus expenses.

In our CPA Online Review Program, you can attend live webinar discussion. Just in case, you weren't able to attend the live discussion, there's always a recording that is available for you to watch and listen.

Gone are the days when you miss a review class, you miss the discussion and concepts BIG TIME!

But you see, you must know right now if what is being offered is really for you - that is to become a CPA in an effective and efficient way.

Imagine this…

You are busy in your own life like working, as a parent, entrepreneur… etc… In short, you have your own obligations and your dream to become CPA is halted… but because of your determination, you look for opportunities or options on how to achieve your CPA Dream…

Then, you see yourself enrolled in our CPA Online Review Program.., holding your phone, tablet or laptop…

You became focus in achieving your dream. A laser like vision… Intensely listening to the discussion, You are more relaxed because you are able to save your energy, you don’t need to travel physically, you can review anytime and anywhere, you can review at your PJs.

Isn’t it wonderful? You have the control of your time, of your own timing and phasing…

Fast forward, you pass the board examination and NOW a Certified Public Accountant.

Dear Future CPAs,

It’s time to take advantage of this GREAT opportunity to PASS THE CPA BOARD EXAM! By now, you should start being serious to achieve your CPA Dream.

How much to enroll?

You might be surprised how competitive our Review Package is. But before proceeding to that… Let’s have a cost benefit analysis…

In Traditional Review Center:

The review fee should range from P12,000 to P14,000.

Then you’ll need a decent boarding house if you are full-time, so that’s maybe at least P5,000/month or P25,000 for the review duration.

Then you’ll need allowance like food, laundry, snacks, and others, perhaps, an estimate of P8,000/month or an additional P40,000

But let’s say if you are working professionals and attending at weekend sessions, so basically, you’ll have transportation cost which is maybe estimate or minimum of P600/day so that’s about P24,000.

All in all, your total review investment in a traditional review center could range from P77,000 to P101,000 or maybe higher than that.

Now, in our CPA Online Review Program

The review fee is only P10,000 for the whole review duration of 4-5 months.

You need to spend for Internet Connection of P1,500 or P7,500 but you don’t need to spend for Boarding House 

You don’t need to travel so no transportation cost.

Of course, you don’t need allowance for food laundry, snacks, etc – You are basically already in your own house or home - so you are just part of the household budget.

Lastly, you need to invest in a laptop which is around P10,000 or higher, that will really depend on you. As long as your cellphone has an MP4, you are good to go – no additional investment required.

All in all, your investment is only P17,500 to P27,500. See the difference?

BONUS VALUE! Let us put into consideration the value of our Reviewers. Well, our Reviewers are all experts in their own field. Their profiles are public practitioners, consultants, management advisory consultants, auditor, tax practitioners, a CPA-Lawyer in progress, entrepreneur, and of course, all are CPAs.

Not bad right?

So to enroll in our CPA Online Review Program, your investment is only P10,000.

Then, you’ll get unlimited access of every recorded discussion during the review duration. You can even reach out to the reviewers via email or during the webinar. You see, that’s something! 

There’s more! Just in case you missed the live webinar, WORRY NOT! Why? because you have an EXCLUSIVE access of the recorded webinar and you can watch and listen however many times you want.

With these minimal cost and benefits that you’ll get, it’s a good deal for you to achieve your CPA Dream.

You won’t find any better deal than this. So you better grab your slot now, and enroll!!!

Below is our enrollment process:

1.      Pay the Enrollment Fee of P10,000.

Note: Due to joy reservers, we are implementing payment policy first.

2.      Send to us the proof of payment and fill up the enrollment form to be provided later.

3.      Submit the needed requirements.

Where to deposit?

BDO Checking Account

Name: Gutierrez and Cristobal Business Consultancy, Inc

Number: 011688000390

BPI Checking Account

Name: Gutierrez and Cristobal Business Consultancy, Inc

Number: 002661002495

Or GCASH thru number: 09175248200 (please call first to confirm the number)

Do you want to know our CPA Board Reviewers? They will be more than happy to meet you! See below.